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Shaping the energy distribution of the future.

What We Do

We are the natural partner for industrial buildings and developers seeking energy optimized projects.

The global production of electricity is becoming more and more sustainable. At TGN we offer innovative and agile energy management systems for commercial real estate, letting you take advantage of the latest technology and simplifying your sourcing. Our products are built on the physical microgrid with services for energy storage, and accessibility for energy trading through our aggregation platform.

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Norway’s largest facility for energy management and storage

Our Promise

Our sustainability promise starts with our partners.

TGN Energy is dedicated to ensuring high-quality offerings, cooperating exclusively with responsible suppliers. Our goal is to be a trusted source for energy solutions, while maintaining our commitment to sustainable practices.

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Our Solutions

Our technology provides our customers with two solutions.

TGN Grid

TGN Grid is a highly efficient energy production and storage solution, installed in or near your property enabling the owner to reduce overall power costs and charges.

TGN Aggregate

TGN Aggregate improves the utilization of your existing power capacity through equalization, providing fewer interruptions and better power quality for your facility.

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