The Norwegian organization for the construction materials industry,, presents 50 building product innovations on their webpage and the pilot plant at Isola with TGN Energy’s solutions applied is presented. We are thrilled to be able to present a more efficient and complete solar energy system.


Through this project we contribute together with Isola to the development of more efficient and complete solar energy systems. This Norwegian-Chinese innovation project, Isola participates in the work to develop a complete energy system, where they have developed uneven light asphalt roof membranes which help to increase the effect of the solar panels. The solar panels are double-sided, which means that they derive energy from sunlight hitting both the front and back of the panels. The bright roof membranes reflect the sunlight so that the effect of the solar panels is increased.


In the project, which partly is financed by Innovation Norway, the partners have built the first full-scale pilot at Isola Skien, which since January 2020 has produced more energy than expected. Part of the reason for this is that the effect of the reflection from the bright membranes was better than first thought, is the assumption of the solar energy researchers from Ife assume.


The pilot is now undergoing further development, including the next generation of mounting feet and stands, which are also important elements in a complete solar energy system to be placed on the roof.

Learn more here (in Norwegian).