On behalf of our client, Revac, and together with our partners Isola Solar and Hitachi Energy, TGN Energy has delivered Norway’s largest facility for energy management and storage.

Revac is among the largest companies in the treatment and recycling of waste of electrical and electrical products in Europe. Revac is currently building a solar park with 1,700 solar cells to supply its own production premises with sustainable, short-distance electricity.

The new Revac plant consists of a 1 MW ESS system linked together with TGN Flexcontrol (EMS). Together this forms a powerful microgrid that optimizes energy management for the company.

TGN has also provided our product, TGN Aggregate, to contribute to the monitoring of energy uses and services for the facility, as well as connecting to Flexmarkets for energy trading. TGN Aggregate increases the value of the investment through income from the energy and to local local energy preparedness in the power grid.

This is now the largest system of its kind in Norway, and we look forward to seeing the benefits ofincome and cost savings increase over the coming seasons.

Our system provides services to:

  • Flex markets
  • Time shifting & peak shaving
  • A power trading opportunity – The ability to charge batteries when the energy is lower in cost, and use charged energy whenever the power is expensive. 
  • Allow Revac to utilize the battery power in conjunction with solar power.

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