Entelios and TGN Energy enter into a cooperation agreement regarding the collaboration on the implementation of flexibility services and participation on ancillary services.

Who is Entelios?

Entelios is a leading energy supplier to large corporate and public companies. It provides services within the following areas: power supply, portfolio management, environmental services, energy solutions and flexibility. 

What does Entelios offer to TGN’s product?

Entelios is a trusted partner for market insight for ancillary service markets. Through this partnership offers trading on our assets through TGN Aggregate.

What does this partnership mean long-term for TGN? 

This agreement enables TGN Virtual Power Plants to participate in reserve markets and is therefore a major step towards TGN’s contribution to the green shift.

Entelios role is as a market aggregator that collects flexible resources and offers it to the ancillary service markets or to grid operators.

Entelios is fully owned by Å Energi.