Strømsø Energy Community as part of a fractal network.

TGN Energy has entered into a research project with Strømso United AS and IFE (Department of Energy Technology) as research partner. 

Allocated funds from RFF (regional research fund).

What is Strømsø United

Strømsø United focuses on property development and site development for the Strømsø district in Drammen. They have a desire to contribute to the green shift and build a robust, energy-efficient society. Together  we’re looking for new ways of looking at the local power supply, and contributing to the electrification of society within a corporate economic framework.

In finding new models for how to design, build and operate local energy communities, solutions will benefit both the development project in question and pave the way for future, similar developments. Such a solution can also be easily implemented internationally and thus become an export for Norway. 

The Innovation Idea

Energy communities, or local energy communities (LES), are a concept that’s been studied and researched worldwide. A fractal power grid is designed as a hierarchy of LESs. Users are connected in “nodes” where they can internally share produced energy and store energy in different energy carriers. More nodes then become larger nodes, which are grouped into nodes of nodes, in so many that one can eventually connect an entire nation. Each level of the hierarchy can operate independently, has its own form of energy storage and its optimized mode of operation.

A fractal power grid with distributed energy production will be a paradigm shift in how power grids are built. It will provide stability in the power grid by stabilizing fluctuations that are created by unregulated energy sources, and provide a significantly increased robustness and resilience against all supply interruptions.

The design of a fractal network is potentially ground-breaking for both users and network owners and fundamentally changes the way power supply is developed. 

In order to identify, prioritise and investigate the possible challenges for further development and the development of such a power grid, the idea must be examined and “stress tested” thoroughly. 

More information coming soon.