How can we accelerate our transition to sustainable energy?

Climate change, pandemics and war have made access to affordable and sustainable power production more and more difficult.

Our current power grid was developed over 100 years ago when the need for electricity was simple; power production was local and organized around small communities. This limited, one-way interaction with one power source has made it near impossible for our power grid to adapt to the ever-changing energy demands of the 21st century.

The fragility of our global energy supply has never been clearer. The time is now to develop improved, independent, and scalable energy systems.

With the integration of energy storage, demand response, flexible loads, and other technologies offered via TGN Energy, we can mitigate these challenges and make our power grid more resilient to the changing demands of society and the integration of renewable energy sources.

The Norwegian Energy Commission suggests investing in virtual power plants (virtuelle kraftverk) to create a more rapid transition to renewable energy and a more robust grid.

The Solution is here. TGN technology offers Norway’s first virtual power plant

 An important part of this solution is to create building-mounted power plants, also known as virtual power plants. A virtual power plant (VPP) is a system that optimizes the use of distributed energy resources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage devices to generate and distribute electricity sustainably to the grid. By using the TGN technology and VPP system, our customers can reduce their energy costs, earn revenue by selling excess electricity back to the grid, and participate in demand-response programs.

Investing in a VPP is a smart financial decision for companies looking for a more sustainable and reliable energy solution. Furthermore, implementing TGN technology will make the grid more resilient and ensure a stable power supply. With the help of TGN technology anyone can produce affordable, renewable power from their own properties.

How to generate a profit from your VPP

There are several ways to make a profit from investing in a VPP:

  1. Selling electricity to the grid: If the VPP generates more electricity than it needs, it can sell the excess back to the grid, earning revenue for the investors.
  2. Participating in demand response programs: Some utilities offer demand response programs that pay customers for reducing their electricity use during times of peak demand. A VPP can participate in these programs and earn revenue by reducing its electricity use.
  3. Taking advantage of renewable energy incentives: Governments and utilities often offer financial incentives for investing in renewable energy. A VPP can take advantage of these incentives, increasing its revenue.
  4. Reducing energy costs: By generating its own electricity, a VPP can reduce its energy costs, which can increase its profits.
  5. Offering energy services: A VPP can also offer energy services such as demand management, energy storage, and frequency regulation to utilities and other customers, which can generate additional revenue.

The TGN Energy VPP solution is brought to you by a combination of several TGN solutions. 

TGN Grid reduces your energy costs and is a highly efficient energy production and storage solution. Installed in or near your property enabling the owner to reduce overall power costs and charges. Learn more.

TGN Flexcontrol optimizes your local power mix and is the software solution provided via TGN Grid. This robust tool continuously weighs the income for locally produced power against the benefit of consumption, storage, or sale to the spot market. Learn more.

TGN Aggregate creates a profit for you through your surplus power and improves the utilization of your existing power capacity through equalization, providing fewer interruptions and better power quality for your facility. Learn more.