TGN Energy is proud to have contributed to Arendalsuka this year. With our goal of delivering the necessary energy optimisation across the globe, we engaged in debate alongside local and national actors in our field. 

On Wednesday, August 15, we were thrilled to have a stand at Nordics Circular Scenen at Håpets Katedral. Here we listened to a robust agenda of conversations and debates, focusing on the important role the circular economy will play in our future. 

On the last day of Arendalsuka we were honored to host a panel discussion called Tomorrow’s Green Energy. Here with our panelists and moderator, we focused on how and why we should facilitate virtual power plants (VPP) in Norway, with our main goal of a stable power supply for our society’s future. 

Our power grid was developed over 100 years ago when the need for electricity was simple; power production was local and organized around small communities. This limited, one-way interaction with a single power source has made it nearly impossible for the power grid to adapt to the ever-changing energy needs we have in today’s society. Climate change, pandemics and war have made access to affordable and sustainable power generation difficult. 

We know that the green shift and electrification of society cannot be carried out without adjustable local energy cooperation and with the possibility of sharing electricity. The time has come to develop improved, independent and scalable energy systems. For this journey to end in success, we must encourage collaboration between all players in the market, regardless of size, and ensure that the right technologies are being prioritized over those developed under antiquated circumstances. We must all work together to ensure that access to renewable energy can be scalable, profitable and made more efficient. 

We were delighted to have our very own CEO and co-founder, Tommy Bønsnæs, Konserndirektør of Statnett Gunnar Løvas, Styreleder of Morrow Batteries Liv Monica Stubholdt, VP, Head of Energy Markets at Hydro, Per-Eilert Vierli and Nils Klippenberg, CEO of Siemens join us for this important conversation. And many thanks to our moderator, Anniken Fjellberg of Sprint Consulting for the insightful questions and direction. 

Stay tuned for an interview with our CEO on his thoughts of the panel and the necessary next steps forward. 

Watch the full video of the event below.