TGN Energy is proud to attend Arendalsuka 2023

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about TGN Energy and Arendalsuka 2023.

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Powering the future

Arendalsuka is a democratic meeting place for everyone involved in the society we live in. This event was created for and by those who wish to contribute to solving today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges.

We are honoured to be an official part of this years program and look forward to meeting so many of you in August.

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Virtual power plants – stable and profitable power

The time is now to develop improved, independent and scalable energy systems. Climate change, pandemics and war have made access to affordable and sustainable power generation more and more difficult.

The Energy Commission proposes investing in virtual power plants to create a faster transition to renewable energy and a more robust grid. At this seminar, TGN Energy invites Hydro Energy, Statnett and Morrow Batteries to talks about how we can accelerate the transition to stable and sustainable energy.

Do not miss this inspiring and engaging conversation on ways we can power the future of our society.

Breakfast Seminar

A symbol of hope

The Cathedral of Hope is an open-minded art and environmental project that is about building hope through collaboration. The cathedral, which is open to everyone, is a meeting place between people of all ages, nationalities and faiths.

TGN Energy is proud to be an official sponsor of Håpets Katedral and look forward to seeing you all at our booth at their event during Arendalsuka!

NCCE Sirkulære Scenen

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