We shape the energy distribution of the future

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What we do

We are a natural partner for industrial buildings and developers that want energy optimized projects.

  • The world is being electrified and the production of electricity is becoming more and more renewable.
  • This means increased challenges with fluctuation in energy production and more dynamic power consumption with high peaks at certain times of the day.
  • To push consumers to spread their consumption throughout the day, more dynamic pricing models are introduced that can have a significant impact on your electricity bill.

Our promise

TGN Energy is dedicated to ensuring high-quality offerings, cooperating exclusively with responsible suppliers. Our goal is to be a trusted source for energy solutions, while maintaining our commitment to sustainable practices.

Our solutions

TGN Energy aims to contribute to accelerating the transition to the green shift. Our technology provides our customers with two solutions; TGN Grid and TGN Aggregate.

TGN Grid

Through TGN Grid, we offer highly efficient energy systems to our customers within commercial buildings in various production facilities and industries.

TGN Grid is an energy production and storage solution installed in or near the premises of an office building, houses or an industrial plant, which enables the owners to reduce power costs. The technology optimizes the energy source used at any given time, for example; solar or battery.

TGN Aggregate

TGN Aggregate facilitates the establishment of local energy production and energy storage for our customers, and optimizes the utilization of renewable energy sources. TGN Aggregate improves utilization of existing capacity through power equalization, and provides fewer interruptions and better power quality for customers – which is very important for local producers in areas where the grid is unstable.

TGN Aggregate improves value-stacking through aggregating decentralized energy systems, and makes the system available for participation in flex markets for electricity. This means that the business case for investment in sustainable energy systems is improved by the addition of income streams.

Let’s talk

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