We show the way toward sustainable energy distribution.

We facilitate the establishment of local energy production and storage for our customers, optimizing use of all available renewable energy sources.

TGN Grid

Reduce your energy costs.

TGN Grid is a highly efficient energy production and storage solution. Installed in or near your property enabling the owner to reduce overall power costs and charges. TGN Grid optimizes energy through whichever source a building is using at any given time while factoring in local electricity prices and weather forecasts.

TGN FlexControl

Optimize your local power mix

TGN Flexcontrol is the software solution provided via TGN Grid. This robust tool continuously weighs the income for locally produced power against the benefit of consumption, storage, or sale to the spot market. This software also ensures battery storage is prepared for upcoming work within the reserve power market. TGN FlexControl remains on standby, always prepared to carry out work when electricity companies look to use batteries in other flexible markets. This software can be adapted to your needs, handling multiple interfaces such as ventilation systems, circuit breakers and more. It can be connected to SD systems and handles several renewable energy sources. TGN FlexControl can also be easily reconfigured to meet changes in local and national power grids.

TGN Aggregate

Make a profit through your surplus power

TGN Aggregate improves the utilization of your existing power capacity through equalization, providing fewer interruptions and better power quality for your facility. This service makes the building’s energy system available for participation in flex markets, adding an additional revenue stream to your business. TGN Aggregate allows load shifting in real-time based on price signals while simultaneously balancing services that optimize a range of ancillary resources. This provides local flexibility while reducing power load and decreasing cost.